Is There a Nursery?

Congrats! You are coming to the Living United Couples Retreat! You made it through another year of diaper changes and night feedings. So, sit back and enjoy the retreat, while we serve you. Take advantage of our safe, secure, nursery. Any age of NURSING baby is welcome. We will provide workers, clean toys, changing stations, and cribs. If this is your first year to attend let me run you through the specifics. Check your baby in before the services and receive your pager. Your baby will be given a number unique to him/her. This will provide added security as you will need this number to take your child from the nursery. You will have access to the room at any time to nurse or just check in.

PARENTS are the only ones allowed to retrieve baby. Our workers will care for, entertain, and change your baby. Any feeding (baby food, cereal, etc) will be the responsibility of the mother, not the nursery worker. Our workers will only give snacks provided by the mother. Any special instructions you have for your baby (sleeping preferences, soothing techniques, etc) will be recorded and heeded. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF FOOD ALLERGIES ARE PRESENT. Also, make known if diaper cream or powder needs to be applied. Our nursery workers desire to be a willing servant but please don’t take advantage of them. Promptly pick up your child during meal breaks. Care will not be provided at those times, as our workers need breaks too. If you are paged on more than one occasion and fail to answer the page, your baby will not be allowed to return to the nursery. Our workers need to know that they can expect your return if they need you. Babies are NOT allowed in ANY services. Every couple has invested time and money to get as much from the service as possible. If you aren’t going to take advantage of
the nursery be prepared to sit in the lobby.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you. We pray that the investment you’ve made to attend the Living United Couples Retreat will be life changing. If you have ANY question about the nursery PLEASE feel free to contact us.