Frequently Asked Questions

[faq_item question=”Will there by a Nursery?”] Yes, there will be a Nursery provided for NURSING MOTHERS ONLY.HERE will be no nursery provided for any other children. [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Are meals provided?”] All meals will be the responsibility of each couple. There is sufficient time for couples to go and get their meals during meal breaks. [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”How do we get our room we arrive?”] Couples may simply, check in at the front desk, give their name and they will be given their room. It is not necessary for the Church to check in as a whole, but may do so if desired. [/faq_item]

[faq_item question=”Who do we rooming questions?”] Please call United Baptist Church with rooming questions. If you make your own reservations through the hotels it gets very confusing.We are glad to answer any questions. Please call or email us. [/faq_item]